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Alchemy is an experience.


Alchemy in a Bar is an access point for guidance. Imani uses the art of craft cocktails and tarot to support people gathering their pieces--an act of remembering individual magic.  Often, you can find Imani in a local venue reading for patrons, as an iteration of queer black femme magic.

For activating alchemy within the individual, Imani's preferred practice is through tarot readings & intuitive homework, a thorough way of unraveling specific personal details, questions, and resonance with present and futuristic energies.

In addition to this practice, Imani also utilizes natal chart readings: examining astrology from a person’s birth to one’s current variables in life. Natal chart readings are an in-depth way to reveal unseen paths in a person’s life.

If you're ready to gather your pieces, book a reading with Imani.


Imani is an Alchemist and Author living in Seattle, WA. They are a Queer Black Femme with plant witch tendencies. Their obsession with Afrofuturism is reflected in the books on their shelves and the number of times they’ve read Octavia Butler’s entire collection of work. Imani is interested in the ways that speculative fiction influences the future and empowering People of Color to shape futures through writing and performance art

They are a Lambda Literary Poetry Fellowship Alumna (Los Angeles) and spent 20 years as a poet. Eventually they got published [a few times] and now spend most of their awake hours sipping tea and walking their tiny french bulldog. 

Their heart soul love work is integrating art, ritual, and the Black aesthetic into experiences designed for QTBIPOC folk.  Facilitation, event production, pop up readings,  & special events--Contact Imani for Bookings.

They received a fellowship from the Center on Contemporary Art (Seattle). With intent to translate her poetry into living altars, she transformed a shipping container into “Unfurl”: My poetry is the spiritual altar for my lineage. It is the place where I unfurl the healing, revival, sanctity, and sacrifice of my bloodline. “Unfurl” is the physical manifestation of my poetry through the sacred act of altar creation. Each altar embodies the soul of a poem, thereby creating more room for the black narrative in “white” space. Mead illuminates the soft sweet angles of finding one’s story hidden in self identifying and self empowerment through the reclamation of ancestry and naming. Amanita Muscaria speaks to the poison of oppression and the ensuing rage of an oppressed and displaced/diasporic identity: blackness in America. Chrysocolla honors the communion between earth and womxn, demonstrating the unwavering grace of a planet.

Moreover, Imani was a Gay City Artist in Residence for Afro-Futurism, received a City Artist Grant to produce the show—which paid 12 local artists to create Afro-Futurist work, and sat on the board for Gay City (Seattle). Furthermore, they spoke at the 2018 Emerald City Comic Con regarding black futurism in our current political climate (Seattle) and recently appeared on NPR for National Poetry Month and several other engagements addressing a variety of topics (Seattle).

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